Viešnagė Rokiškyje

Visiting Rokiškis

IBWN members were fascinated by the hospitality and warmth of Rokiškis. We all discovered more than we could ever expect, we are sure we will be coming back to the beautiful town of Juodupė. We had a chance to taste a homemade cake called „Šakotis“, we all agreed it was the most delicious one we have ever tried. Laimutė Sadauskienė, the owner of the bakery, makes these cakes using the original recipe. 

We have visited the Ilzenberg manor, which is rich in its history. This manor has been reconstructed and now there is a farm that offers products grown right here, which are exceptional, healthy, and tasteful.  

We are extremely thankful for the Mayor of Rokiškis district, Ramūnas Godeliauskas, for the reception, and to the leaders of the association “Dare to Change” Justina Daščioraitė and 

Lina Meilutė-Datkūnienė for the organization of the Contact Evening. 

Together we can do much more!